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Aging, Eldercare and Caregiving


Aging is still perceived as a primarily negative experience. However, new research on brain development throughout the lifespan and the discovery of brain plasticity has dramatically changed our understanding of aging. While challenges may present themselves, the ability for reflection, synthesis of experiences, feelings, and judgment are more prominent as one has more experience to draw from.

Life transitions, positive and negative, require negotiation, adjustment, and understanding. Therapy enables this process so that you can proceed with life's potential.

Eldercare and Caregiving

Caring for aging parents or a chronically ill spouse poses challenges to relationships and personal resources. Stress of multiple demands significantly impacts the caregiver on multiple levels, and unresolved familial conflicts may surface. Getting support is critical.

Counseling supports sorting through conflicting feelings of guilt, sadness, and loss, as well as addressing unrealistic expectations of oneself as a caregiver. Caregiver stress can be overwhelming and often requires the support of allied resources. A key source for learning about available support resources is the Area Agency on Aging /Senior Information and Assistance, (800) 510-2020.