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Anger Management, Arguing, Fighting and Work Stress

Anger Management

We receive frequent requests for help with anger management. Nearly everyone requesting help recognizes the power of uncontrolled anger to destroy relationships. The sad fact is that in spite of our best efforts to count to ten or to turn the other cheek, we are all susceptible to losing control of our tempers and injuring ourselves and the people we love. Expressions of anger can be overt (such as yelling) or covert (such as silent resentment). The inability to manage anger is a major obstacle to happiness.

The goal of psychotherapy is to help individuals and couples communicate everything they need to say without aggression, intimidation or defensiveness. This goal often involves a fundamental change in attitude toward ourselves and others.

Utilizing psychotherapy to liberate ourselves from the destructive and constricting nature of anger is a significant step towards emotional health and self-respect. Our therapists have extensive experience helping individuals and couples move from anger to empathy and healthy expression.

Arguing and Fighting

Arguing and fighting are defensive behaviors intended to protect ourselves from harm. Unfortunately, arguing and fighting turn out to be neither effective nor satisfying solutions to relationship problems or conflicts.

In building relationships, the goal is to have a meaningful connection: to be seen and heard for who you are. This goal can be upset when interaction shifts toward figuring out who is right or wrong. The relationship takes on an adversarial stance. This position is intensified by name calling, blaming, criticizing, stone walling, and distancing.

Psychotherapy is designed to change both your attitude and your approach to interpersonal conflicts and problem resolution. Psychotherapy can be provided in either an individual or couples format.

Work Stress

The stress we bring to work coupled with the stress at work has increased for many in the current economic climate. It can seem as if the tables have been turned: we used to work to live and now we live to work. Work life bleeds into home life in unhappy ways. We ignore our own needs as well as the needs of others.

We all know that it is wise to maintain healthy eating habits, exercise, get enough sleep and not use drugs or alcohol to excess. As work takes an immoderate role in our lives, we often become immoderate in our personal habits. Other signs of work stress include feeling anxious, irritable or depressed, fatigue, trouble concentrating, loss of interest in work, difficulty sleeping, muscle tension, and headaches.

Taking your problem with work stress seriously is the first step to putting work back in its proper perspective. Work certainly needs to be part of your life, but not all of your life. Working with a professional counselor to restore balance and to decrease the negative symptoms of work stress can improve the quality of your life and of all your relationships.