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Don Kiehn, MFT

Donald Kiehn, MFT

445 Bellevue Ave., Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94610 View map

(510) 531-4351 Voicemail


Visit my web site: www.DonaldKiehnMFT.com

License MFC25613 In practice since 1990

My style is to be engaged, interactive and empathic. My practice includes individual men and women, couples, group therapy and family therapy. I have specialized training in addiction recovery, survivors of physical and sexual abuse, anxiety and depression, and parenting issues. My belief is that psychotherapy is a process of self-reflection and increasing self-awareness from which growth and self-efficacy emerges. It can be a rich though difficult and demanding process which takes place in an authentic and empathetic relationship with a therapist. My role is to help clients understand their symptoms within the context of their personal history, develop a greater repertoire of choices and efficacy, overcome dysfunctional relationship styles, and create richer more rewarding lives.

I offer counseling services in Oakland, California.