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Serving Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Castro Valley and other SF East Bay locations

Welcome to East Bay Counseling Choices

Counseling Choices

People come to therapy to improve the quality of their lives whether it is to focus on issues in their relationships, problems with stress and anxiety or with depression. We can help.

As licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, we make confidential referrals to qualified therapists to help you with your concerns.

Let us find a supportive and understanding counselor to help you with life's ups and downs.

We Offer Services To:

  • Individuals of All Ages seniors, young adults, children and teens
  • Couples married, living together, breaking up, same sex, step-parenting, or premarital counseling
  • Families traditional, blended or step-families
  • Adolescents (Teenagers) and Children

East Bay Counseling Choices is the personalized referral service of the East Bay Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Residents of the greater East Bay have found quality referrals with us since 1986.

We invite you to meet our therapists and learn more about the services we offer.

For a quality referral, 510/525-6678 or 877/525-6678 (Toll Free).

Meet Our Therapists
Don Kiehn
Don Kiehn
Catherine Kvikstad
Catherine Kvikstad
Castro Valley
Judy Levit
Judy Levit
Harry Lieberman
Marcia Robbins