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Relationships, Intimacy, Separation and Divorce

Relationships and Intimacy

The process of expanding one's capacity to love another, to be in a rewarding relationship, and to learn to love, is an ongoing endeavor. Intimacy is a skill that can be developed through enlarging one's ability to be empathic, to communicate with compassion and respect, and to validate both oneself and one's partner. We must be willing to change negative images of ourselves and of our partners.

Effective counseling is designed to increase one's empathy and acceptance, and to develop skills to support relationship growth and vitality.


Separation may be part of a healthy developmental process such as individuating from one's family of origin. Or separation may be coming to terms with the end of a relationship or involve an ongoing relationship that is changing. Anger, guilt, fear, and frustration prevent mature separation. Therapy helps with the separation process, to reflect without judgment, center oneself, and move forward.


Despite our best efforts, sometimes relationships end. Counseling provides an opportunity to reflect on what went well and what did not work. Concerns and feelings stemming from unresolved conflicts and hurts must not be overlooked. Insights can then be used to avoid the repetition of unhelpful patterns, to create an ending that is less painful and to build a foundation for building new relationships.